Current reality

My morning view, nothing glam this is my current reality 🥺 God shined his light on me this morning and a sense of peace came over me. 🙏🏾 This virus doesn’t care about your age, gender, social status, money or race.. I’m posting to bring awareness, so please LISTEN to what the CDC is saying about taking precautionary measures to avoid being exposed and preventing illness against this virus. #selfdistancing, only going out ONLY for the essentials, & don’t go out if you’re sick! Wash your hands! This is a serious virus and can happen to ANYONE! I want to thank the brave staff of @EmoryHospital for taking great care of me day in and day out nursing me back to health so I can return home soon to my family. Also thank My prayer warriors from around the globe whom was called the moment I was diagnosed. Continue to keep me and in your prayers for a speedy recovery and pray for our nation as I’m believer we will come out stronger. When we look back on this moment in history, would we be filled with joy as we remember the restoration, hope, and unity that came out of this season.
God is healer of me and this nation Continue to keep me lifted in your prayers. ❤️🙏🏾 Love you all
Niya B. Matthews

Then the sun shined in on the 4th Day☀️

hope #love #faith #prayer #dailyhope #quarantine #corona_virus #coronavirus #thebloodstillworks #imafighter

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