Trying to survive Covid19

I was debating about posting this video because I didn’t want to add any sadness to the current climate our country is in, & also because I mostly post motivational posts,but this morning my heart is heavy & I chose to post this to bring awareness & to share my current realty of being in the hospital for four days now fighting for my life against this ugly virus called #covid19 @tylerperry you have no idea that when you started #hegotthewholeworldchallenge it was going to impact me the way it it did. I been watching these videos from my room. It reminded me that despite what it looks like right now in my current state, in our country we we will overcome this epidemic. ….I cried writing this post because I’ve never felt so vulnerable in my life as I do now but this is bigger than me.My symptoms happened so fast they literally caught me off guard. The typical Flu-like symptoms minus the fever for two days until day 3 I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest barely being able to breathe. I’m asking myself, how did this happen to me? Being home mostly, only going out as little as possible for the essentials, which my husband did mostly. On Mar 24 my life changed being rushed to the hospital not being able to breath, passing out in the hospital lobby, given oxygen to breathe, hooked to a EKG, IV, meds and tubes. I was feeling like death was knocking on my door literally. Even though I’m a woman of Faith, I had a second of fear creep in because of how fast this happened. Now here I am being in this hospital quarantined away from my family whom I miss so much has been the loneliest feeling in the world.
So many thoughts going through my head, Nurses wearing these hazmat suits. I have no appetite, no taste, weak, headaches, blood pressure kept going up, to weak to get out of bed so they give you blood thinners to avoid blood clots, coughing all day. I’m sharing my current experience to bring awareness. LISTEN to what the CDC is saying about taking precautionary measures #selfdistancing PLEASE! Thank u @taraharpphotography and my prayer warriors, fam & friends ❤️ @emoryuniversity staff for taking care of me. I’ll be home soon. Love you all 😘 Niya

#covid19 #quarantine #hope #faith #peace #selfdistancing #socialdistancing #hegotthewholeworldchallenge #coronavirus #atlanta

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