My reality… for now

Long post alert:
It’s been 10 days since I’ve been able to hug my husband or my daughter😢 I’m going through all kinds of emotions during this recovery process, but KNOW I’m grateful to be amongst the living, and even more blessed to be at home now recovering. But I’m not going to lie and not say it doesn’t hurt to be away from my family.. having our laughs, movie & game nights or simply just being in their presence. I’m isolated in this room day in and day out with my own thoughts trying to recover. I had to shut off the tv for a while and stay in prayer because all I kept seeing was the death toll rising and not hearing about the ones who recovered. I started to see more fear, anxiety build up on social media and that alone will drive a person in isolation insane 🥺.
So as I say my prayers this morning… I say a special prayer for those who are trying to stay sane in this pandemic, I’m praying for those who are still in the hospital fighting for their lives, and the families who lost their loved ones, & those who are in quarantine recovering. I’m praying for the medical staff on the frontline, I’m praying for workers still having to report to work, the leaders, law makers state and local … and praying for OUR NATION that we will come back STRONGER than ever.🌏
I’m a WOMAN of FAITH and first hand WITNESSED the POWER of GOD breath fresh air into my lungs while in the hospital at 4:11am on March 25th. And to every prayer warrior who FaceTimed me while in the hospital who prayed & bear witness thank you 🙏🏾 Again, I thank every person that has called, texted, and inboxed daily since, I pray ABUNDANT blessings in your life. 😘 This too shall pass.. stay home and flatten the curve. Spread Love and Compassion❤️
Love you all, Niya

thebloodstillworks🩸#covıd19 #covid_19 #hope #prayer #socialdistancing #quarantine #healing #positivity #prayerwarrior #touchnotmyanointed

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