We are resilient…

Being in this room recovering from #covid_19 has not only changed my mindset about life, but also heightened my spiritual walk to new levels. I’ve being tested in ways I never thought 😢. But one thing I’m certain.. through it all I never quit fighting and I didn’t lose my faith. Many people didn’t get to be on the recovery side of this ugly virus, and for a moment I felt guilty on why God spared me🥺…but I can’t question God I can only be a testimony of his DIVINE healing, giving people HOPE that we will make it out of this, and that #thebloodstillworks 🩸WE ARE RESILIENT 🙌🏾 and during this #quarantine and #socialdistancing we are now using gifts we never knew we had. Creativity is being birthed, faith is being restored, during this season. So today I challenge you to tap in. Let’s use this unpleasant circumstance to conform into something better, something wiser. Just know that those gifts were already in you..now use them. Even during my own trials I find ways to encourage others… that’s just how passionate I am about you WINNING. Continue to keep me in your prayers ❤️ Love you all,

testimony #faith #coronavirus #coranavirussurvivor #prayer #peace #surgeiscoming

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