Progress …..

P R O G R E S S⁠

The nature of healing is messy. It’s up and it’s down 🎢 , it feels great and it feels awful. To be honest that’s the nature of life in general. So let’s inject a little (a lot of) self-love into the process. ⁠

Self-love 😍 is giving yourself a break, it’s setting intention but taking pushy expectation out of the equation. It’s honouring whatever stage you’re at on your journey. It’s speaking kindly to yourself when your feeling disappointed. It’s changing the tone of the voice in your head. It’s looking in the mirror and giving yourself a smile 😊when you’ve spent the day in bed. It’s compassion. For yourself.⁠

It might be hard to accept but the truth is we’ll all experience frustration, disappointment, rejection😳, loss, and failure. We’ll all experience normal feelings that each and every one of us will repeatedly experience for our lives – fear, sadness, guilt, shock. In any moment, we can get caught up in negative comparisons ♻ , relive painful memory 💭 or get lost in a fearful prediction of the future🔮 .⁠ However, you can create a full and meaningful life while accepting the pain that goes with it❤️❤️…⁠

⁠Acceptance means opening up and making room for painful feelings, sensations, urges, and emotions 🍃. We drop the struggle with them ⚓, give them some breathing space, and allow them to be as they are. Instead of fighting them, resisting them, running from them 🏃, getting overwhelmed by them, we open up to them and let them be. This doesn’t mean liking them or wanting them. It simply means making room for them.⁠

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